PUBG New State vs PUBG Mobile: Release Date, Features And More

Last week we had shared some information about PUBG Mobile release details now we got a new update that the top trending Battle Royal game PUBG is launching its new game named PUBG New State. The Trailer of the game is out. When Will PUBG New State will release? The company is working on launch […]

Pokemon Legends Arceus: Launch Date, Gameplay and Pokemon 25th anniversary

There was a huge celebration this weekend, of course, it’s because of the pokemon 25th anniversary. The concept of the game is to capture and force them to fight, People started playing this game about 25 years in other words the love for pokemon has not gone down. A picture on Reddit shows how pokemon […]

PUBG Mobile 2 Release Date and Time

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As per the information we get it’s known that PUBG 2 will have major updates than previous minor updates. Since PUBG banned in India in September past-year 2020 by the Indian government, citing security concerns due to the game’s Chinese-developer origin but after this ban, many people claimed that they are owned Korea! After a […]