Episode 4 – Tokyo Revengers

One thing that is been niggling in the back of my head for some time now could be simply how, if in any respect, Revengers would go about explaining its time journey conceit. It does not must – magical realism like this has been round lengthy sufficient that explaining the why of Takemichi’s temporal leapfrogging is not all that essential – but when we’ll be preserving monitor of two timelines it is in all probability value it for the present to ascertain at the least a couple of guidelines simply so we’re all on the identical web page. That is what takes up many of the first half of this episode, and whereas we do get solutions, they simply increase an entire lot of different questions.

After younger Naoto by accident interrupts a second between Takemichi and his outdated (younger?) flame, our protagonist finally ends up by accident leaping again (ahead?) to the long run, and we get caught up on a few of the precise mechanics of this entire factor. For one, Takemichi’s physique apparently simply goes right into a coma when he time leaps, and Naoto simply retains him hooked as much as an IV in his house. That raises an entire lot of different questions concerning the logistics of preserving a comatose particular person there, most of them involving mattress pans, and that is one question I hope this collection by no means bothers to deliver up. Extra importantly, this return reveals that Naoto’s plan for stopping Mikey and Tetta from ever assembly was to simply kill him, Future Crime fashion.

Now, even when we put aside the ethical implications of murdering someone for a criminal offense they have not dedicated however may contribute to a decade later, that is only a dangerous plan, Naoto. For one, how’s Takemichi imagined to get a drop on the hardest delinquent in Tokyo? For 2, even when he did handle that, what is the exit technique? Does Takemichi then get despatched to jail to relive his method to a fair worse maturity, offered that he is not simply killed by Draken or one other Tokyo Manji member? That really brings up one other problem: neither Takemichi or Naoto now keep in mind something from the brand new timeline brought on by altering the previous. Takemichi is sensible, however Naoto not remembering suggests simply understanding about time travels fixes him in a now nonexistent world line, and there is a entire truckload of implications to that concept which I am fairly positive exist fully outdoors the scope of this story.

Fortunately the remainder of the episode shortly strikes on from these terrifying existential questions and as a substitute delivers a heaping serving to of melancholy. Seems an unattended side-effect of Takemichi’s actions final chapter is that Atsushi prevented jail time, due to not stabbing anyone. At first that looks like a blessing, one other life rotated due to our hero’s intervention. Heck, he is made it massive within the gang and even runs a high-class hostess bar! Akkun’s been residing it up since center college, proper? However the second we see Takemichi’s outdated good friend within the flesh, it is apparent he is been residing the farthest factor from the excessive life. The pair’s rooftop reunion begins off candy, however the complete time they’re catching up there is a sense of dread to all of it, and as soon as Atsushi drops the opposite shoe, actuality punches our protagonist proper within the intestine.

What Atsushi’s been going via is not precisely spelled out, however his last phrases and act paint the image completely nicely. The man who practically killed to guard his good friend was floor down and tousled till he was keen to shove Takemichi in entrance of a prepare, seemingly with no second thought. It’s kind of handy that he in some way intuits the magical flip that saved Takemichi, however I can forgive that for the way powerfully it ties into the theme of remorse that is outlined the collection. Atsushi is so determined and cornered that the one path to happiness he can see is the unattainable, and clinging to that perception is the one factor he can do earlier than ending his personal life. Regardless of the Tokyo Manji gang has grow to be beneath Tetta’s affect, if that is the one escape one can think about, it should be actually dire. That the man was apparently watching the entire thing simply raises much more morbid questions.

That is a hell of a coda to finish the episode with, and it greater than makes up for the clunkier opening half. So now the query is simply what Takemichi can do to untangle this more and more gnarled net of violence and despair. I can deal with loads of plot shortcuts and contradictory time journey guidelines, simply as long as Revengers can keep this compelling.


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