Who can request data deletion?

Your data will be deleted only by you when you are connect with our webite.

What is the data deletion process?

Once data deletion is requested and account ownership is confirmed, the data deletion request enters our queue. Generally, the data is deleted within 15 calendar days of the initial request. During the deletion process data is securely purged from NewsTroopp databases and servers. All related backup and log data will be deleted within 20 calendar days. Once data has been deleted it cannot be recovered.

How will billing and transaction history be affected?

If you have any pending transaction your data will be removed after the complete transaction. Make sure you clear all the payment and payout before account deletion request.

How can I request data deletion?

you can request using the form below provided. Please include as much information as possible regarding which data you would like to be deleted. The request will be escalated to the proper team for evaluation and processing. We will reach out every step of the way to keep you updated on the deletion progress.