Pokemon Legends Arceus: Launch Date, Gameplay and Pokemon 25th anniversary

There was a huge celebration this weekend, of course, it’s because of the pokemon 25th anniversary. The concept of the game is to capture and force them to fight, People started playing this game about 25 years in other words the love for pokemon has not gone down.

A picture on Reddit shows how pokemon has a great part in our life. I still remember my first time was pokemon anime then I started to collect the card and playing games those are unforgettable memory! On this 25th Pokemon anniversary this brings back all our good memories comment down your first experience with pokemon.

Pokemon Legends Arceus: Launch Date, GamePlay

Pokemon Legends Arceus ImgSrc: androidauthority
Launch DateEarly 2022
Pokemon Legends Arceus Launch Date
  • The pokemon company said that the game will be launch in early 2022 for Nintendo Switch.
  • The company is not yet ready to launch the date.
  • The pre-ordering rate is $59.99
Pokemon Legends Arceus GamePlay

Here is the picture shared on Reddit which becomes very popular and relatable.

Reddit: r/gaming u/PokemaniacDoubleO9


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