PUBG Mobile 2 Release Date and Time

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PUBG MOBILE 2 Img-Src: wallpapercave

As per the information we get it’s known that PUBG 2 will have major updates than previous minor updates. Since PUBG banned in India in September past-year 2020 by the Indian government, citing security concerns due to the game’s Chinese-developer origin but after this ban, many people claimed that they are owned Korea! After a long time, a PUBG data miner  ‘PlayerIGN’ tweeted that PUBG 2 Launch will take place upcoming week! Listen to this article on the go as a podcast!

Tweet (‘PlayerIGN’ not affiliated to IGN)

And he also shared a report that a Korean publication claimed that PUBG 2 will release for PC & Console., PUBG Mobile 2 has been confirmed.

PUBG Mobile 2 new features

PUBG GamePlay Shooting
Pubg GamePlay Img-Src: wallpapercave

The PUBG Mobile 2 may be set in 2051 so, it is expected to have futuristic drones, gadgets and more equipment for players.

  • Futuristic Gadgets
  • Drones
  • More special & new types of equipment
PUBG MOBILE 2 is HERE! – Channel: Panda

PUBG 2 Release Date

  • On Twitter, PUBG data miner ‘PlayerIGN’ said PUBG Mobile 2 may be launched as early as next week. This means we are looking at a time frame around March 3 or upcoming days but.,
  • There is no official launch date, We expect that it may launch next week.
  •  PUBG Mobile 2 May be available for both Android and iOS users.


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