Reduce Belly Fat: Full Guide Super Fast Result [2021]

Reduce Belly Fat: Super Fast Result Full Guide 2020

Eat Soluble Fibre

The soluble fibre makes food as a gel which slows down the digestive process. A study found that 100gm of fibre helps to reduce 3.7% of belly fat. And it also helps to decrease the calories absorbed on the body from food. Adding more amount of fibre in your food helps to reduce your weight and calorie absorption. Here I have listed some high fibre food :

  • Flax seeds
  • Avacados
  • Blackberrys
  • Legumes

This is one of the proven and fasten steps to reduce belly fat gaining.

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Don’t consume over alcohol

Research has shown that taking alcohol in huge quantity make you gain more belly fat than other foods. Even though it has a small number of health benefits but taking alcohol too much is harmful to health. The result has shown that people who drunk alcohol every day have less belly fat than people who drunk less frequently has more belly fat. You don’t need to stop drinking alcohol but limit the amount of drink which helps you to maintain belly fat. If your thinking about reducing your waistline consider drinking alcohol in limited level. Finally prove research suggested that taking too much alcohol can also make you gain belly fat.

Try a protein diet to reduce belly fat

People who eat more protein tends to have less abdominal than people who eat lower protein diet. Because high protein intake increases your metabolic rate which helps to keep muscle mass during weight loss and also increase the fullness hormone PYY, that decrease the promote of fullness. Here I have listed some good protein source that you can take every day:

  • Egg
  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Beans
  • Diary products

The above listed high protein foods helps you to reduce extra pound of waistline.

Eat fatty fish weekly once

We all know that fatty fish are highly healthy because they have a high quality of protein and omega 3 fats Which helps you to protect from various disease. Some evidence showed that omega 3 fact helps you to reduce visceral fat. Children and adult with fatty liver disease who regularly intake fish oil supplements have reduced liver fat and abdominal fat. As like before I have listed some fatty fishes that you can take 2-3 servings per week:

  • Solomon
  • Herring
  • Anchovies
  • Mackerel
  • Sardines

Reduce the stress level

Stress makes you gain more belly fat that triggers adrenal glands which produce stress hormone also called cortisol. Research has found that an increase in the level of cortisol makes you gain more abdominal fats storage. Women who have a large waist or tend to produce more cortisol who are all in stress. To reduce belly fat engage yourself by practising yoga or meditation they are the effective methods of reducing stress. Minimizing stress is one of the major priority if your about to reduce weight.

Target sugar

As  I said before fibre helps you to reduce belly fat but when you take sugar it reduces belly fat so you have to be care full while taking sugar products. My advice is to avoid sugary drinks this means not only the cool drink but also juices drinks! And you have to know that fruit is not the alternative for vegetables. If you cut down the sugar product you will see the changes. So when you are juicing fruits you are reducing the amount of fibre in your product. If you are a sweet tooth you and needed to put a final sweet then eat apple, melon, berries.

Get Some Sleep

We all have the habit of watching Netflix these days. The reason why I’m saying this is because a recent study showed that people who sleep less than five hours will gain 30 or more pounds. So sleep is very important to have also there are many benefits you will get. First, you will get chilled or relaxed when you get enough sleep as I said before high stress can increase belly fat. As getting some sleep regularly helps you to keep body and mind fit., this will not reduce belly fat but helps you to maintain a normal weight. Be aware that some say sleeping after the meal will increase weight, if you know about this comment below let others know.

No Weight Loss Drugs

This is one of the important things is where people spent lots of money on weight loss drugs because till now there is now no single drug approved by FDA (F-federal D-drug A-administration) for reduction of belly fat. The last line is there are no pills any reduce belly fat the only ways you can live a happy healthy life. If there are drugs also try to avoid because natural ways to reduce are the best ways and 100% working these will take some times there will be no next day result so, be aware of the ads where sell such drugs and get your doctor advice before getting these drugs.

Green Tea

These days many people are taking green that other drinks. Green Tea contains antioxidant epigallocatechin gallate also called as EGCG which helps to boost metabolism while you do exercise you need strength so drinking of the Green Tea may take effect antioxidants present in the Green Tea may help to strengthen when combined with exercise.

There are many flavours of green teas these days and many people like this that their regular drinks I basically like lemon with honey green tea.

Fat Loss Diet Plan

TimeMealQuantity & More…
7:00 AMLemon Cinnamon Water1 glass
8:00 AM1 Vegetable Sandwich Skimmed Milk1 glass
11:00 AMWatermelon-1 cup, diced 5 AlmondsWatermelon-1 cup, diced
1:00 PMMasala Khichdi Sprouts Curd Salad Low Fat Curd KadhiMasala Khichdi-2 katori others 1 katori
3:30 PM1 glass buttermilk1 glass
4:00 PMGreen Tea1 cup
5:00 PMBoiled Chana0.5 katori- chana boiled
8:30 PMTake Chapati Palak Paneer CucumberTake Chapati-2 piece Palak Paneer-1 katori
11:00 PMTake skimmed milk1 cup
*These may differ on your country

Dietary requirements will vary from person-to-person so kindly Understand what plan will work best for you by consulting a nutritionist, and choose your diet accordingly. We collect information for this diet plan from so if you need detailed information about is diet plan click here to visit the source link.


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